The Celiac’s Life and the sense of Happy Farm


Being celiac means living a condition that never lets you relax. Every day we have to foresee what and where to eat in a continuous search for suitable products, more or less transportable and that are at least edible, if not even just edible. The result is that the whole existence of a celiac revolves around the organization of meals, days, trips and above all travel.

For celiacs this soon turns into a challenge against everyday life, sometimes so demanding, that people often prefer to give up going out or traveling or living everyday life like everyone else does. It seems to be chased by a captivity whose bars remain invisible to everyone except those who experience discomfort.

Is this, therefore, a debilitating pathology? Does it perhaps compel renunciations that characterize “social” life, especially in the adolescent segment? Can we therefore consider the existence of a qualitative gap between a celiac and a “healthy” person?

And this gap, in which aspects it occurs most often? On what occasions, at what times?

These were the questions that Happy Farm has taken charge of giving an answer. What characterizes the quality of life for a person with obvious food limitations? What can improve the perception of pleasures, what can make it free, even if momentarily, from the enormous load of thoughts and responsibilities that distinguish every single day of a celiac’s life?

With these assumptions we started to give birth to most of the products that Happy Farm offer.

And from these premises our biscuits, our snacks and our pralines were born. By accepting the challenge of making them better than conventional ones. Just for you, as a gesture of love.

And if, by tasting one of our products, we have been able to pull you out of this invisible captivity, even for a moment, we have achieved our goal. And you will be granted the luxury of tasting the best pralines in the gluten free world and beyond.

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