inspired by taste


the gluten-free you won’t expect.

There are gluten-free products and Happy Farm gluten-free products.
Those who have tried them know what we are talking about: the pleasure of enjoying a moment of true taste, renouncing only to gluten. Too often a gluten-free diet is linked to the idea of “without taste”, but fortunately it is a simple commonplace. And we’re here to prove it.

gluten free for need,
Happy Farm for pleasure.


we leave to the taste our inspiration.

We are our first customers.
So we are also the first to research the taste in every product we make.
A goal that requires a lot of knowledge and passion. Because if the quality of the ingredients is important in any recipe it is even more so when it comes to gluten-free recipes.
This leads us to seek out the best realities of Italian agri-food and experiment with the most advanced production techniques. Choose quality raw materials and work them with “sweet” methods, which allow us to keep their natural characteristics intact, and offer increasingly “healthy” recipes.
We are in fact progressively abandoning palm oil, lactose and refined sugars, in the name of an increasingly healthy lifestyle, which is also conquering those who have no particular intolerances, but he wants to eat properly even when he gives in to the temptation of a snack.

Whether for breakfast, a snack or a delicious moment of relaxation, with Happy Farm anyone can find his moment of pleasure.