Mardi Gras Fritters

Ingredients Mix Cakes and Tarts (Happy Farm) 350gr Whole Eggs 100gr Sugar 100gr Butter 30gr Milk 80gr baking powder 5gr Salt A pinch Grated lemon rind - Preparation Mix all ingredients for 3 minutes at the lowest speed and 5 minutes on medium speed Let the mixture...

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Walnuts, Gorgonzola and Grapes Risotto

Ingredients   Rice 300gr White grapes A bunch Gorgonzola 100gr Walnuts 50gr Butter 40gr Vegetable broth A spoon Salt A pinch Dry White Wine A Glass White Onion One   Preparation Chop the onion and let it brown with the melted butter Add the rice and nuts...

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Gluten Free Chickpea Flat Bread

Ingredients: Chickpea Flour A Cup Water Two Cups Salt A Pinch Olive Oil Four spoons Rosemary A spoon Preparation Mix the water and the chickpeas flour and let them rest for six hours Add the salt and mix well Pour the mixture into a greased pan with 4 tablespoons of...

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Chicken Breasts on Pan

Ingredients: Chicken Breasts 1 kg Olive Oil a spoon Vegetable broth A cup Flour(Mix Bread Pizza)Happy Farm As Needed Rosemary As Needed Garlic As Needed Salt A Pinch Pepper A Pinch Preparation Prepare the chicken breast: wash, cut and flour them Put oil in a pan, then...

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Cod fillets with potatoes

Ingredients Cod Fillets 400gr Potato 400gr Gluten Free Breadcrumb 2 spoons Parsley 5 sprigs of parsley Oil 2 spoons Garlic 1 clove garlic Salt a pinch Preparation Wash and cut the cod fillets Cut the potatoes and let them boil in salted water Chop the garlic and the...

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Filetti di merluzzo con patate

Ingredienti Filetti di merluzzo 400gr Patate 400gr Pangrattato senza glutine 2 cucchiai Prezzemolo 5 rametti Olio 2 cucchiai Aglio Uno spicchio Sale un pizzico Preparazione Lavate e tagliate i filetti di merluzzo Tagliate le patate e lasciatele sbollentare in acqua...

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Petti di pollo al tegame

Ingredienti Petto di pollo 1kg Olio d'oliva Un cucchiaio Brodo vegetale Una tazza Farina Happy-Farm Q.B. Rosmarino Q.B. Aglio Q.B. Sale un pizzico Pepe un pizzico Preparazione Preparate i petti di pollo tagliandoli, lavandoli e passandoli nella farina Mettete l'olio...

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Farinata senza glutine

Ingredienti Farina di ceci Una tazza Acqua Due tazze Sale Un pizzico Olio d'oliva Quattro cucchiai Rosmarino Un cucchiaio Preparazione Mescolate l'acqua e la farina i ceci lasciatela riposare per sei ore Aggiungete il sale e mescolate bene Versate il composto in una...

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