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our products change your day, making it more “happy” and serene. The food is no longer a problem, but a daily pleasure.

Happy Farm | Gluten Free Products


Enjoy a moment of pure pleasure without sacrificing taste with Prestige. Surprise your guests with our gluten free pralines and  be seduced by their delicate flavor.


Concede yourself a gluttonous sin with the products of our Pastry Line. The best choice to fall in temptation in a light and healthy way.


Don’t let hungriness overwhelm you! Choose one of our gluten free snack for a light and quick meal, great for the whole family.

bread and mix

Don’t give up on the perfume and the taste of freshly baked Bread. Choose from one of our ready-made products or prepare in your house a delicious and tasty homemade loaf with our gluten free mixed flour.


We know, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fill yourself with energy from our products so you can better face the little daily obstacles of Life.


Any moment is good to give yourself a break with one of the Happy Farm signed snack. Choose to start over with tastyness and lightness.

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